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The Science Behind Smelling Sexy… | Hearts Remained

The Science Behind Smelling Sexy…

Did you know the sense of smell is linked to the part of our brain that stores memories? Now that’s a reason to smell good, besides it being socially polite. Many women will often state one of their biggest turn-ons is “a man that smells good”. It’s enticing, alluring and can take someone to another world just by a simple whiff.

We all have favorite scents but they aren’t to be worn year round. Yes, that’s why there are several different variations of your favorite cologne, not because they ran out names or it was just that cool! New scents and fragrances are often debuted with the changing seasons. A spring fragrance is often light and fair, while a summer fragrance can be fruity and citrusy. During the fall months, a heavier musky scent is common, opening the door for winter’s crisp and clean fragrances.

Nothing is worst than having your nostrils invaded and ambushed by an overload of cologne. When it comes to cologne, most will agree that the phrase “less is more” is pretty befitting. Next time you’re putting on cologne remember your heat and pulse points. Heat enhances smells, the reason you’re told to apply on your pulse points, where slight friction can enhance the fragrance.

A vital component to remember about fragrances is to never have them compete. If you use body wash, antiperspirant, aftershave or a skin moisturizer, remember to have a nice complementary balance between those scents and your cologne. So to the dapper, debonair and just socially polite, one good way to stand out and be remembered is to not just look the part but smell it too! I promise, the ladies will agree.

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