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The Essentials to Every Dapper Man’s Fridge… | Hearts Remained

The Essentials to Every Dapper Man’s Fridge…

Ever see your hospitable or not so hospitable host open the fridge and you see nothing in there but the light itself? Or worse, an old pizza box with a grease stain in the middle and a couple of stiff cartons from the local China Express, don’t be that guy. What’s in your fridge says more about you than one would think. We’ve calculated up some ice box essentials, every man should have.

We’ve topped our list off with, dun dun dun dunnnn, you’ve guessed it, wine. Nothing speaks more volumes than a decent bottle of wine. Red or white, is up to you but the option of it being there, is not up for an argument. Remember red wine is typically not stored in the fridge and served at room temperature. Not only is it handy when you’re entertaining, but it is great to have for your personal enjoyment too! Plus, most ladies will agree that wine and conversation is the starting point to an awesome night.

Breakfast is certainly the most important meal of the day. It gives us the fuel needed to make the impossible, possible. Eggs are on our list of must haves. These protein packed morsels can be handy when whipping up a delicious gourmet or just a light snack. The great thing about this particular item is there are so many ways to prepare a tasteful delight. Pouched, omelette, hard boiled, scrambled and that’s just to name a few, will ensure that you have deliciousness at hand. Not to mention, you’ll be sorry after a night of entertainment, your guest is ready to cook you breakfast and you have nothing but a collection of sauce packets from your carry out expeditions and a expired jug of milk.

Another staple on our list is fresh produce! Give your fridge a nice medley of colors and aromas with some healthy treats! Sure, you enjoy pizza and hot dogs but so does your average four year old. Show you a have mature palette by having an array fruits and veggies. Not only does it demonstrate you actually do some regular grocery shopping but that you’re conscious of what you eat.

Staying hydrated is essential and the best form is through pure natural h2O. It’s a cheap drink, great for the skin and body and can be easily flavored by adding some chopped fruit.
Living in the 21st century, the options of different types of waters are bountiful! There’s carbonated, spring, flavored, mineralized, you name it, it’s out there. So go ahead my friend, stay hydrated and never thirsty.

Last on our list of must haves, is something free and simple, ice! You can’t have a party without ice! Most people enjoy being refreshed with a cool drink, so be prepared. Whether your fridge makes cubes or you have some kick-ass ice trays, keep ice on hand.

Everyone’s necessities are different. Everyone’s lifestyles vary. No one knows you like you know you, so go ahead and take some time to figure out your must haves. Promise, it’ll make your life a little simpler and we’re certain that you’ll thank us later!

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