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My Pride and Joy… | Hearts Remained

My Pride and Joy…

Pride is an amazing attribute to have. It has been the main force behind some of societies’ greatest achievements and has propelled some of the most noteworthiest of names to successes we only read in magazines and see on television. But is there a such thing as too much pride? At what point does our pride no longer serve the beneficial purpose of forcing us to be independent and strong but ignorant and irrational?

Some may say being too prideful is a growing pain. Some say it’s a guy thing. Just something some of us must dim down or grow out of but what about those who have been prideful and twenty-two for the past thirty years? What is the excuse of the person who has the answer to everything but no real actual solution or better yet, has never proven to actual have a reason to be so prideful? Is the line between confidence and insecurity so fine that something so beneficial as being proud can effortlessly toggle and bounce either way? What enables or disables, one to accept help and advice from those who love them? What makes a person who is aware that they are lacking knowledge pertaining to certain things, to continue to proceed blindly and unguided? Perhaps, being prideful is a sign of not only strength and endurance but immaturity and insecurity. A secure being understands that being vulnerable is just part of the process to reaching one’s personal success, that asking for help is in fact a sign of strength, realizing that no one succeeds on their own.

Something so profound, so empowering can be so detrimental. The route to achieving our goals can be reached with a group of like minded enduring individuals or on a very long winding route by one’s lonesome. Independence is phenomenal but a healthy balance of codependency can be outstanding. The balance between receiving and giving, is a precious one. We must never have too much pride to disrupt this balance. I once read that “unhealthy giving comes from a place of fear..” but unhealthy receiving also comes from a place fear. Pride can show our strengths as a being but at the same time unveil layers of masked insecurities, but what pride shows regardless is one’s amount of self-awareness.

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