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Mens Apparel | Hearts Remained

Mens Apparel

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Alpha State of Mind

Instead of buying something made for someone else, Hearts Remained “Made to Measure” custom makes items to your size. All suiting fabrics are hand picked with Super 120-150 being the starting point for the highest quality of Italian cool wools.

Hearts Remain presents the finest linens. Yet the fits are simple the most elegant, fluid, distinct articles you will ever own.


Getting your measurements can seem like a challenge but we have two simple solutions:

Measure Yourself

Measure Yourself

Click here for a guide on how to measure yourself or with a partner to get the measurements you need.

Go to a Tailor

Going to a tailor ensures you have the most accurate measurements, and the investment is worth the perfectly fitted suit.

Already Have Measurements?

If you are one step ahead of the game and already know your measurements, then click here to fill out the form.

Why Choose Us?

A Made-To-Measure Hearts Remained suit is not for every man, but only the Most Interesting Men. Our goal is to empower men with fashions to inspire confidence and maintain that Alpha State of Mind.

Each Made-To-Measure suit originates from one of our select unique designs, and are customizable to your taste.

Prepared with the finest year around materials, no details are overlooked.

Our fully canvased sport coats are matched with working button holes, unique silk lining and too many additional details to mention.

Each suit is handmade to your unique specifications, no two suits are alike.

Hearts Remained casual apparel is the most fashionable apparel available. Constructed for that discerning man that understands quality, fashion and comfort.

Hearts Remained has a full team of designers who have selected the accessories that work well with our hand-crafted suits. For a pack leader, its all in the details.

Our <a title=”FAQs” href=”http://www.heartsremained.com/faqs/”>FAQ’s</a> might answer those nagging remaining questions.

Other Services

Home Styling

Hearts Remained can help you style your home! We offer Box-Design/Interior Design Consultations to help guide you in styling your dwellings. You are, after all, man of the house aren’t you? Your place should be as stylish as you are.

Organic Products

At Hearts Remained, we go beyond the fabric. Alpha State of Mind encompasses the WHOLE you. In the products you use, the way you dress, your dwellings, and your overall confidence and appeal. We have created a line of high quality organic bath and home products to help you gain confidence in your every day life.

Big Dog

Your Best friend is not a Pomeranian. You have a pal with BASS. Big dogs need real products, not the wimpy accessories you spend a fortune on at the pet store that have only been extended to fit. We offer big dog accessories that have class, styled for big dogs, and made to the highest standard that your big pup deserves.