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Hiring an interior designer doesn’t have to be time consuming and expensive. Whether you just want to redesign your space using what you already have, moving into a new home or a complete room redesign, here at Hearts Remained we provide a extensive contemporary and modern design package by professional designers, sent right to your doorstep! Just follow our step-by-step design process and in 2-4 weeks, you will receive your custom design package.

It’s Just this SimpleSimple

1. Scope your room: measure the room(s) using our measurement guide or send your builder’s floor plans. take snapshots of the room(s) and any existing accessories or furniture you wish to include in your design.
2. Email us at so we can send you a comprehensive client intake form. Attach   the measured space and photos to this email.
3. After our  brief consultation make your secure payment.
4. Talk to our designers: we’ll have a thorough interview to review your needs.
5. Receive your design in a box: within 4-6 weeks your design in a box will arrive at your door. Inside you’ll find:

  • Presentation board with inspirational ideas that suit your style;
  • Space plan featuring existing and/or recommend furniture;
  • Recommended fabric samples;
  • Recommended paint samples;
  • Recommended furniture and accessories;
  • Source guide including item description, measurements, prices, and recommendations for local and web-based suppliers;
  • Instructions for turning your design in a box into a one of a kind space.

measurementMeasurement Guide

1. Sketch out the existing layout including the location of all windows, doors and closets.
2. Measure each wall, corner to corner. record the sizes and locations of all openings and built-ins (doorways, pass-throughs, built-in bookcases, etc).
3. Start at one corner of the room, measure the distance from the corner to the outside edge of the window casing; from there to the opposite edge of the window casing; and so on to the opposite corner.
4. Continue this process around the room and note the measurements on your drawing.
also include:

  • Ceiling height for each room;
  • Location of all power outlets;
  • Height of windows and doors;
  • Location of windows on each wall;
  • Location of any wall or ceiling lights.


Small Room (100 Square Feet or Less): $950
Medium Room (100-500 Square Feet): $1,500
Large Room (500-1000 Square Feet): $2,500

A custom quote is created for rooms larger than 1000 square feet or for a larger scale design project.