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The Gentleman’s Closet | Hearts Remained

The Gentleman’s Closet

There are 5 things that should be in every gentleman’s closet:
• A wooden hanger- cedar wood would be perfect but wood nonetheless. Wooden hangers with ribbed pants holders ensures the shape of your clothing preventing a sloppy presentation. Wood also absorbs moisture, so after you wear that suit, retire it on a proper hanger. Both Ikea and Target carries wooden hangers.

• Collar Stays- Most of your dress shirts come with plastic Collar Stays. After the first dry cleaning they began to bend conversely your collar is no longer “staying”- To ensure a straight collar 100% of the time invest in metal Stays. There are even magnetic Stays for “Polos” should you want to take it a step further. Nordstrom carries a complete comprehensive selection.

• Shoe Trees- There are several types of Shoes Trees, and in this case something is better than nothing. Full cedar Trees will absorb the moisture as well as retaining the shape of your shoe. Maintaining the shape of your shoe investment will increase the life of your shoes many many times over. It’s an absolute MUST HAVE in your closet- They can be purchased at any fine shoe store.

• Shoe Horn- Unless the back of the shoe is designed to be stepped on, a simple shoe horn will be a simple solution. Shoe horn not only make for an easier application it also assist in preventing you form having sock movement and discomfort once the shoe is on. It might surprise you to learn how often shoe fit discomfort attribute to back pain. Shoe Horns are often offered free with designer purchases, however you can purchase them at any fine shoe store or shoe repair shop.

• Steamer- This trusted item should not only be in your closet it should be in your overnight bag as well. Unless your clothing is designed to appear wrinkled, a simple hit with steam will knock out that lazy appearance. It will not “clean” your shirt, however it will offer a fresh scent. Often times I put a few drops of fresh rose water into my steamer to ensure that my scent is consistent. You can purchase this item at Target.

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