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FAQs | Hearts Remained



Please do! Hearts Remained is passionate about Made to Measure clothing and can’t wait to show you our fabrics, options and samples. We staff a private studio locations during nearly all business hours. If you’d like to make an appointment, either in-store or at a site of your choice, call (800) 807-7485 to schedule an appointment.

We use only the best fabric and cloth from the top mills in the world, ranging from Europe to Asia. You name it, we are likely to have it. We have literally thousands of fabrics, from virtually all of the best mills and in every price range. We firmly believe that without a great fabric, it is impossible to create a great suit. Some of our suppliers are Scabal, Dormeuil, Vitale Barbaris, Zegna, John Foster and many more.

We use artisans from around the globe with world class experience. Hearts Remained chooses the right tailor to cut and assemble the perfect garment from your unique measurements and style selections based on the fabric chosen, the styling selected and production abilities and volume.

Hearts Remained custom pants start at $189, suits and outerwear (i.e. cashmere topcoats) at $1,099 and our tuxedos at $1,499 (all prices exclude tax).

All of our suits are cut, assembled and sewn with the same level of craftsmanship, skill and care. Pricing variances are due almost solely on the choice of fabric for your made to measure clothing.

We could make you a less expensive suit and while the craftsmanship would be to Hearts Remained’s top notch standards, less expensive fabrics tend not to wear as well or for as long. We don’t want to sell you, the customer, an inferior quality suit that won’t last you. All of our suits are made with 100% natural fibers. You won’t find any polyesters or blends amongst our collections of fabrics. We believe in high standards for reasonable prices and don’t wish to put our name on anything that won’t stand the test of time – whether it be materials, craftsmanship or trends.

Your suit (or overcoat) within 6 weeks. While four and six weeks are standards, we can accelerate the production time, if needed. For a $250 charge, we can rush your order and have it ready in one week.

Usually we nail the fit spot on, however there are times when we must do a follow up. Our initial measuring process is very complex and thorough. This enables the suit to arrive 100% complete. When the suit arrives you will try it on inspect for final details on the garments, making sure that everything matches the initial measurements as well as your expectations. We will attend to any discrepancies, minor alterations and preferences and the suit can be ready for immediate wear. If you are an existing client already, your suit should be ready for you to wear upon arrival.

100% is always our goal! However, if you would like to eliminate the margin or error, we encourage you to send us your best fitting clothes – trousers, jackets or sport coats. Shipping the items you think look good on you and fit your body best can go a long way in taking accurate measurements and selecting appropriate styles.

While creating your Made to Measure clothing, you will make a 50% deposit for any order of $1500 or more and full payment for orders under $1500 orders. Within the final week of your clothing being complete, we will take any remaining balance. You can pay by any credit or debit card, cash or bank transfer.

Cut, Make and Trim (“CMT”) is a term used in the bespoke industry for items manufactured from customer provided cloth (usually four to five yards). Hearts Remained does offer CMT items, however it is subject to inspection of the fabric or cloth for quality and suitability. There may be a reason you found a fabric in the bargain bin – if it’s a bad bolt, an inferior quality or has weave imperfections, it won’t create a suit to Hearts Remained standards – so don’t buy out your local sewing shop. The cost of CMT suits vary and can range from $1,000 to $1500, not including your purchase of the cloth. Hearts Remained still takes all measurements and helps you select all styles and options – you just provide the fabric.

That depends on how often you use them and how you look after them (see below).

Shirts must be washed after every wear, allowed to drip dry and ironed when damp to get the crispest finish. Suits should be hung and buttoned at the end of each day, pressed once a month and dry cleaned no more than twice a year. Using a garment steamer before every wear goes a long way in keeping your suit clean and looking its best. Overcoats should be hung every day and pressed and dry cleaned rarely (approximately one time per year).