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A Picture Speaks A Thousand Words… | Hearts Remained

A Picture Speaks A Thousand Words…

They say “Don’t Judge a Book by It’s cover” but the truth is we are judged by our appearance, everyday. Whether it be our attire or our skin color or even something that doesn’t quite have a physical appeal but causes one to assume like an phonetic accent, the thing is, we are judge prior to further examination. PERIOD! It may be a preconceived notion or thought, that causes us to make these presumptions nonetheless we are all guilty of it. Our culture, the media even our parents, if not more than anything or anyone has influenced our thoughts and perceptions of others.

When you see a young woman in a short skirt, drinking on a Friday night with some girlfriends do you instantly think of a med student taking time away from a busy workload and school load? When you see a young man with overly sized denim and the latest fashion sneakers, do you see a father of two who just clocked out of a blue collar job now relaxing in something more comfortable? When you see an elder woman on the bus carrying a load of plastic grocery bags by her lonesome, do you see a woman who’s old and lonely barely surviving and budgeting each penny or a woman with strength and resilience. We say we don’t judge. We say we don’t care what other people think about us but again, the truth is we do! t’s a natural normal yearning to be liked and accepted but it takes maturity to realize which has depth and which is superficial. At some point in our lives, the importance of being like becomes inferior to the importance of feeling accepted, having our bills paid, knowing we are loved and simply having a peace of mind.

Because we don’t live in a simple nor perfect world, we do have a responsibility to carry ourselves how we want to be perceived. Our attire and our behavior are huge attributes as to how we are treated and thus, we must dress accordingly.

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